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The Speedy Dumpster Rental Troy team holds mother nature in the highest regard, and we are mindful never to risk the environment while carrying out our operations. To ensure that all types of waste are disposed of properly, companies in our line of work must educate themselves on all regulations within the city of Troy and the County of Oakland. The cost of managing hazardous waste differs from all other waste materials since it requires extra care when handling and depositing. Don`t hesitate to discuss such matters with us as you place your roll-off order. One of our highly trained account managers will assist you with your roll-off dumpster selection and plan.

Highly regarded services provided to the private and business communities in Troy

Speedy Dumpster Rental has a great reputation in and around Troy because we exceed the expectations of our clients. We employ a client-centered approach to our business, ensuring that you – the customer –  is always satisfied. We consider our clients as partners, so we share in the interest of the successful completion of their projects. We include your challenges and your perspective in every step we take; from the first telephone discussion to delivering your quotation, and from the initial deployment of your container to returning onsite to collect the debris box and carry it away. All our operations are completed by the book, in accordance with local regulations, and this helps us to maintain that stellar reputation.

We have what it takes to handle debris from new construction, home renovations, gardening projects, or home cleanouts…to mention just a few! Look no further for your comprehensive waste removal and management partner, because Speedy Dumpster Rental Troy is here and at your service!

Size Matters!

Sometimes deciding on the right dumpster to rent can be a challenge. But don`t worry, the project requirements of Speedy Dumpster Rental clients are the most important thing to us, and we’ll help you identify the most suitable roll-off container for your needs! We consider all factors, such as project details, transportation, rental duration, onsite unit placement, and type of waste. Our experts are dedicated to offering incredible waste management services to the great city of Troy and the surrounding communities. What follows are the four different standard sizes of dumpsters that our customers can choose from:

10-Yard Dumpster

Ideal for small house renovations and remodeling projects, as well as small and medium property cleanup projects, our compact 10-yard dumpster is what you need to eliminate the waste. These roll-off containers are perfect for projects such as:

Medium size garage and basement clean-outs

Small home remodeling projects, replacements, and additions

Small-to-medium kitchen and bathroom renovations

Land clearing, lot-clearing, and small-to-medium landscaping jobs

20-Yard Dumpster

When our smallest dumpster falls short of your requirements, then you need a bigger one, and we have it in our fleet! Rent our 20-yard dumpster to accommodate a large volume of waste and dispose of it easily. These roll-off containers come in handy for supporting a project like:

Old flooring or roofing replacement projects.

Living room, family room, and bedroom additions.

Patio and Deck replacements

Medium-to-large size home remodels

Furniture replacements

30-Yard Dumpster

When waste is produced in even greater quantities, then you’re going to need a larger dumpster to get rid of such a high volume of debris. If you are constructing a new house or a commercial building, then a 30-yard dumpster will make your life a lot easier!

40-Yard Dumpster

Finally, we have the 40-yard dumpsters, which is commonly required on large-scale construction and heavy demolition job sites. Avoiding multiple trips to landfill sites is more cost-effective for professional contractors, and it’s amazing how much waste can fit into this 40-yard monster for quick removal and disposal!

You can always expect first-class service thanks to our planning expertise and our desire to offer nothing but the best to our clients. Contact us now for more information about dimensions, capacities, and capabilities.

Placing A Roll-Off On Public Property

If you need a roll-off dumpster placed in a park, on the street, or on any public land, you will need to apply for a permit from the appropriate governmental agency in-advance of your desired delivery date.. (Note: There are usually fees attached to dumpster permit applications for use on public lands.) Be sure to include details like how long you intend to keep the dumpster in that location, and the scope of your project. Upon delivery, your roll-off container must be placed in a safe location so as not to interfere with any traffic ways, traffic devices, or vertical obstructions that could impair access from the top. Contact one of the professionals at Speedy Dumpster Rental company to be guided through the permit process. We’re standing by to help!

Experience Counts

We have been serving the local community for years now, and we’ve seen almost every conceivable situation at least once! Quality waste management services call for expertise and dedication, and these are the traits that define the members of our capable team. We take pride in our affordable, reliable, and professional roll-off container services. In Troy and the surrounding communities, our clients are familiar with our excellent roll-off dumpster services, which make their jobs – and their lives – easier to manage! We stand ever ready to attend to them whenever they need us. 

In addition, we understand that commercial customers can suffer financial losses in the event of delayed roll-off dumpster deliveries or services. Losing customers for a reason like this is an outcome we simply never allow to happen. This is why every second counts as far as we are concerned. Residential homeowners may be a bit more flexible, but the principle is the same. We are proud to call some of Troy’s most respected public institutions our clients as well. They know that the experts at Speedy Dumpster Rental company have their back and that everything is going to proceed as planned!

Placing A Roll-Off Dumpster On Private Property

Some clients find placing a dumpster on their private property to be convenient, and we gladly assist them with that. Having adequate yardage and the right location for parking the unit are two additional things that help to facilitate this. If you have any doubts about your space, allow us to spare you the hassle. With just a single call, a member of our experienced team will help you make a well-informed placement decision, taking any codes by your Homeowners Association (HOA), city, or county into account where necessary. This prevents inconveniences that can arise later, costing you valuable time and money. Once we finalize the payment amount and your date of delivery, we inform our skilled driver technicians on the location and type of premises where the dumpster will be placed. and then make the adjustment to our inventory.

Why Speedy Dumpster Is The Right Call

Working with a professional waste management company saves people a lot of stress. The team here at Speedy  Dumpster Rental company thinks of ourselves as much more than just an ordinary vendor, and we partner with private residents and professionals throughout greater Troy in support of any waste management aspect of their projects. We have years upon years of experience serving our highly esteemed clients, who happily return to us time and time again to help them meet their project deadlines and budgets. We do much more than just offer timely deliveries. In fact, we guarantee a perpetual inventory of a wide range of roll-off container sizes in our yard, so regardless of how big or small your upcoming project is, we are always at your service!

We Support Your Demolition And Construction Projects

When planning a demolition, you must ensure the safe removal and disposal of waste. Different waste materials such as broken concrete, shattered glass, and carpentry nails are hazards to folks who work on job sites. Our services are designed to economically help you keep demolition job sites clean and safe. This also applies to remodels and new-build construction project job sites. Such projects can produce varying amounts of debris and waste while in progress, and there’s usually a lot left-over to clean up afterward. Our thirty and forty-yard dumpsters are strong and spacious enough to contain any type of construction waste material.

Some Interesting Facts About The City Of Troy, Michigan

Troy is a suburb of Detroit and is situated in affluent Oakland County. Troy is a major shopping area for residents residing in the Detroit area. The city is also the location of a large number of office centers. Troy is the home of automotive corporations and numerous financial companies. The city features the impressive Somerset Mall.


The earliest recorded purchases of land in what was known as Troy Township occurred in 1819. A couple of years later a settlement known as Troy Corners was established due to Johnson Niles buying 160 acres in the region. The area is currently the north-central area of Troy. In 1827 Troy Township was established. In 1955 Troy was officially incorporated primarily as a strategy for preventing border cities from taking more land.

The Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Process

If you don’t know much about removable roll-off dumpster sizes, renting one that is neither too big nor too small can be like rolling the dice! Following the below process to find suitable dumpster should do the trick:

Submit a quote request

Submit a quote request right here through our website, s about your project and we will advise you accordingly. The consultation is free!

Reserve your high-quality steel debris container

We are proud of our pricing transparency, so there will be no hidden fees or unhappy surprises!

Once more, we want to remind you that the overall success of your project is our primary concern, and so providing us with a complete understanding of all project details helps us to do right by you. Contact the best in the business here at Speedy Dumpster Rental Troy today!

Roll-Off Bin Usage By Construction Companies, Factories, And Community Facilities

Construction/demolition contractors and project managers are accustomed to the permit process, as are general managers of industrial and community-based facilities. The process commonly includes the project description, project plans, and other necessary information or documents. However, private residents or business managers may be needing to rent a durable steel container for the first time, and we want to consult them so that they seek the proper permissions from property owners and so forth.

A large perpetual inventory of roll-off containers

We have a broad variety of roll-off bins on our lot which are ideal for use in the disposal of different types of waste materials, regardless of the expected quantity of the waste material. Therefore, you can seek our services to help you manage waste such as paper, cardboard, appliances, green waste, building rubble, and more. We carry ten-yard dumpsters, twenty-yard dumpsters, thirty-yard dumpsters, and forty-yard dumpsters to match virtually any project you can think up!

Call the best dumpster rental company in Troy today, at (248) 397-6655. We are standing by to help!