Storage Container Rentals

Small Storage Containers

Let’s say you’re planning to remodel a small condo or townhouse, and you need to temporarily protect your belongings from weather and theft. Our smaller steel storage container is the perfect size for a project like this. These smaller units are easier to transport and deliver into tight spaces, as well. Of course, we need to make sure that this removable container delivers you enough additional capacity, so we recommend making a list of all of your items and furniture and then consulting with one of our courteous and professional account managers to make sure. Our staff has decades of combined experience sizing-up projects and matching the right equipment to them, and we’ve seen and heard almost everything once. We’ll help you find the perfect container for your needs!

Extra Wide-Portable Containers

Let’s say that your business is the management of an apartment building, hotel, or other commercial building, you wish to renovate. You’ll definitely need one of our wide portable steel containers. A member of our highly-trained staff will be happy to explain to you just exactly how the extra width comes in handy. For your budget, however, an extra-wide unit tends to make a huge impact, saving folks a lot of money. Furthermore, the security of our portable storage units is unmatched by any other vendor in the Troy, Michigan area. They are manufactured with the best of heavy metals to provide superior temporary protection for your home or business valuables.

Our Commitment To Quality

At Value Dumpster Rental Troy, our portable steel storage bin rentals are wind and watertight, making them the perfect solution for the onsite protection of your supplies and valuables! With the help of our representatives, you can take delivery of the perfect cargo container for your needs. We’re standing by now to help you identify, schedule, and deliver you a unit that you can keep on your property. Call us (or submit a quote request form right here on our website) today, as we’re standing by to show you how important your business and challenges are to us!

Our Commitment To Great Service

Instead of wasting precious time driving around to inspect and get pricing on self-storage facilities like Cubesmart® or Public Storage® (and then having to rent a truck, load it, and then transport), why not let us bring the storage to you? Think of the time, money, and labor you’ll save! Many of our customers have shared with us the peace of mind they experienced from knowing that their possessions were safe and secure…right there on their premises, instead of across town. In addition, our 20-foot and 40-foot storage bins are forged from durable steel, and they come with the patented Rhino® locking system to ensure that the valuables you hold dear are kept safe. If you’re ready to quickly and economically expand your storage space by renting a removable storage container, then have it delivered by the comprehensive waste management services company with the best reputation in Troy: Speedy Dumpster Rental.  Contact us today and let us help you make your upcoming project a success!

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